Welcome to Transaction Music.  We host copyright free instrumentals and original music from Producers of all genres, for Artist to download and cultivate their songs.  Artist can sell their  finished songs made with Transaction Music beats and actually keep 95% of your sales revenue! (can add streaming service logo's next to this statement, Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, XBox Music)


We created Transaction Music with the vision to offer up and coming artists the most professional beats and instrumentals at fair prices. In addition we created this site to offer a place were producers of all genres can post their tracks for real artist to create and distribute songs.  


Producer Sign Up Package:

  • $25 One Time Sign Up Fee
  • $15 Per Year Membership
  • 5% Per Transaction


Producers will have their own fully customizable "Beat Shop" Page and Page Link.

     - A "Beat Page" is your personal Beat Shop Page which will contain all of the beats you upload.

Producers will get a fully customizable "Landing Page" to post content. 

     - The "Landing Page" can be used for any content in which you would like to display to potential buyers

Producers will be able to upload and sell as many beats and instrumental as they want at a price you determine.

     - There is no limit to the amount of beats you can upload and all beats are priced by you.

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Beat Upload Instructions:

  1. Select the format of the beat(s) you want to download (MP3, Wav, Tracked Out, Exclusive)
  2. Click the Buy Now button.
  3. Review your Shopping Cart and click Submit
  4. Process your payment through PayPal or via a debit/credit card.  Once your payment is processed you will receive a email with the download link(s)